Mississauga EV Charging Installation

The Government of Canada has plans to decrease CO2 emissions by increasing the percentage of electric vehicles on our roads to approximately 11% by 2030. Accordingly, a government program known as ZEVIP (the Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program) is offering subsidies of up to 50% of the cost for those businesses and multi-residential buildings that install EV charging stations. As the technology for manufacturing electric vehicles improves and the cost of these automobiles becomes more affordable, it’s easy to see that EV is the future of transportation. Installing a Charging Station creates a destination for those who drive electric vehicles and demonstrates that your Mississauga company has a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Benefits for Your Business
Benefits for Your Business

In the US, large franchises such as Walmart have begun installing EV charging stations at targeted locations in 34 states. For a major chain such as Walmart, it is logical to offer this option to customers. But what about smaller enterprises? Does it make sense for your Mississauga business to install a Charging Station? It might! Although there are not yet enough electric vehicles on the road for these stations to turn big profits, there are other advantages to offering this service to customers, including:

  • Attracting and retaining business. You’ll attract and retain customers with electric vehicles. This may include customers who might not otherwise visit your location.
  • Prepares your business for the future. You’ll be in on the ground floor of the EV revolution, and will have established your property as a destination for drivers of EVs before your competition does so.
  • Sustainability. EV stations enhance your company’s reputation for sustainability, which can be particularly important, depending on your company’s branding. An EV charging station also adds points to your property’s LEED rating.
  • Adds value to your property. An EV charging station gives your property greater rental or resale value.
  • Rebate programs. Right now, the federal government is providing subsidies under ZEVIP to help defray the cost of installation.
  • One more revenue stream. EV chargers offer a small, but growing, revenue stream for your business.
Benefits for Your Community
Benefits for Your Community

And, of course, installing EV charging stations will benefit your community. The accessibility of EV stations contributes to the adoption of electric vehicles, which means that emissions will go down—which, in turn, means cleaner air for your community. Marianne Hatzopoulou, a University of Toronto engineering professor, notes: “When you have an electric vehicle with no tailpipe emissions, you’re removing a wide range of contaminants—from nitrogen oxides to fine particulate matter—from the near-road environment and shifting them to power plants. The net effect remains a large improvement in air quality.” And of course, improved air quality means improved health for Mississauga residents, and less strain on our healthcare system.

As the effects of climate change become more evident, cities are working to become more sustainable. Your EV charging station will become part of Mississauga’s path to sustainability.

Contact a contractor today. Join the wave of the future and install an EV charging station on your Mississauga property!


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